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“Our statistics” is a website provided by the European Central Bank (ECB) and the national central banks (NCBs) of the Eurosystem.
The site aims to facilitate the understanding, use and comparison of euro area and national statistics. It presents the statistics visually, uses user-friendly terms and is available in all official EU languages.
Users of “Our statistics” can easily download statistics or share them by embedding the graphics into other websites, via e-mail or social media. The embed functionality may be useful for electronic news media and newspapers. You are therefore invited to share this tool or to embed it into your website.
The set of statistics presented is publicly available in databases at the ECB, NCBs and Eurostat, and can be viewed using PCs, tablets and mobile devices. It constitutes a core set of official statistics which will be gradually extended on the basis of demand.
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Collaborative model

This site aims to improve the understanding and accessibility of statistics. It is built on functionalities initiated at and shared with the OECD. See Compare your country. Other organisations engaged in statistics are welcome to join this collaborative model.

"Euro area statistics" is a service provided by the European Central Bank (ECB) and the National Central Banks (NCBs) of the Eurosystem. You are invited to share this tool or to embed it into your website.

The European System of Central Banks (ESCB) is committed to providing its statistics free of charge as a public good of high quality irrespective of any subsequent commercial or non-commercial use.

All publicly available ESCB statistics may be reused free of charge on the condition that the source is quoted (e.g. “Source: euro area statistics”) and that the statistics (including metadata) are not modified.

The ESCB subscribes to a policy of free access and free reuse regarding its publicly released statistics, subject to the standard ECB and NCBs "disclaimer & copyright".

This download area is designed to give all EU banks easy access to key euro area and national statistics. Developed in collaboration with the European Banking Federation, Banks’ Corner is available in 23 languages.  
Four key groups of statistics can be downloaded: bank interest rates, bank balance sheet statistics, securities issues and data on supervisory banking statistics. Files are available in XML and CSV format.

Select the dataset group:
Bank interest rate statistics
Bank balance sheet statistics
Securities statistics (stocks and flows)
Supervisory Banking Statistics

The “Our statistics” website uses the SDMX (Statistical Data and Metadata eXchange) standard and presents only a subset of the statistics available from the European Central Bank. Visit the ECB’s Statistical Data Warehouse to access and download all publicly available statistics using SDMX.